"Well organized congresses don't have to be boring"

Congresses can quickly come across as monotonous and sluggish. We make sure, that this is not the case. The right location with the right catering, breaks and supporting program  provide the necessary atmosphere.


Corporate Parties

"A good employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have"

Thank your team with an employee party of a special kind. We will find you the extraordinary location and book the hippest DJ's and show acts.

Employee Fun Days

"Teamwork makes the dreamwork"

Strengthen your team with employee fun days. Various tasks strengthen team awareness and team spirit. We put together a tailor-made Fun Day or Incentive trip for you - this far away from the usual.

Team Boot Camps

"Sore today, stronger tomorrow"

Strengthen the body and mind of your team. Only a fit employee can perform at the highest level. Our Fitness Coach will put together a program according to your needs. Certainly the team spirit should not be missing here either.

Customer Event

"Elegance does not mean to catch the eye, but to be remembered"

Show your appreciation to your existing customers or win new customers in the form of a customer event. This is also the ideal time to introduce new products. We would also be happy to integrate one of Zermatt's major events such as Zermatt Unplugged or Zermatt Fashion into your event, for example with a visit to one of the concerts.

Private Parties

"A little party never killed nobody"

Simply enjoy the day or the weekend with friends. This with the right activities, which are tailored to you. Everything can - nothing has to - that is the motto.

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